Our Vision

Antiques are the things that store and shows the historic events and other related information about it.

Antiques also depicts the arts. Its our duty to keep alive and flowing.

Hence, our vision is to preserve the antiques and we would love to be with the people who do the same.

 About Us

A true Antique is an item perceived as having value because of its aesthetic or historical significance or representational meaning and their ability to please in their infinite variety and atleast 100 years old, although today the term is often used loosely to describe any objects that are old. A decorative object, piece of furniture or other work of art created in an earlier period, that is collected and valued highly for its beauty, quality, workmanship, age and rarity in an Antique Shop.
A decorative object, piece of furniture or other work of art created in an earlier period,  that is collected and valued highly for its beauty, quality, workmanship, age and rarity in an antique shop.
Antique are own motivations and attractions to old pieces and follow those inclinations when they find to be genuine and true. This is the way of Artist.
Antiques also serve as a reality check. They are one-of-kind pieces particular and special to their era, inhabiting a unique time and way of life.
They tell us things happened in the past; what went before. They are markers along a path, representing permanence as well as change, and above all, they provide a way for transitions to be recognized. In effect, they tell us there will be a future by reassuring us of a past.
 They also remind us that the future can, like the past, contain elegance, beauty, simplicity, quality and excellence.
Even disembodied from their practical historical uses, antiques have their own special power by virtue of being what they are. When we come in contact with an object- a beautiful, simple, well-made object-whose lines are grace & beauty and whose reflected light touches our spirits, we say that the piece has “power”. By virtue of its gracefulness, its wear, texture or color, it attracts us, touching us and reminding us how ephemeral such feelings can be, and how, when we have them, we long for more. It evokes our sense of “rightness” and it pleases. It is instinctive.
But perhaps its greatest power may be the sense of mystery it evokes within us…   What has been its fate all these years? Where has it lived? And with whom? …Whose hands have held it or used it; discarded or acquired it through ten generations? … What would it tell if it could speak?
We are in its presence as one is in the presence of some ancient force, a force that carriers the human vibrations of all who have touched it, and all who have been touched by it. It has its very own life drama that present day owners must invent & reinvent. Its true secret can never be fully revealed, & the explanation for the riddles of its life must change with cache new owner user, this is magic.
It is said that  a good collector of antique is an artist. If, in a person search & selection, he or she has exercised taste, discrimination & understanding, that collection takes on a unique aesthetic quality of it’s own, a quality which focuses & reflects the intangibly rare blessing of beauty & excellence in a world which desperately needs these comforting reminders of humanity’s other side.
To select & preserve the blessing is to share them with the future. In my shop Antique Bharat, we have those ancient objects that were preserved and passed down, and still deserve  to be held in safekeeping for future generations to use, to care for and to pass along.
Antique Bharat established in the year of 2008, is an exquisite antique shop, one of the finest in India located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the finest shop tempting collection of Antique Cups, Antique Lamps, Antique Paintings, Antique Statues, Antique Coins, Metallic Antiques, Ritual Antiques, Wooden Antiques and many more.
If the ancient things of this world can be preserved and passed along to succeeding generations of seekers, then why not practice the art of gathering everyday, honing one’s intuitive ability to see and to feel, into a way of being, into a practiced act of sharing that one cultivates, grows, saves and ultimately, one day passes along.
So please feel free to take a look at some of our unique items, then shop on and see the thousands of others.
You want to buy online? …..Welcome to our Antique Shop – Have Fun!